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Tiki Port Chinese American & Polynesian Cuisine

Tiki Port's chefs work daily with only the freshest ingredients, to bring you the taste of the Orient.

Please visit or call our Hyannis location 508-771-5220 or Medford location, The Tiki Island, Middlesex Ave., Medford, MA, 781-391-0477, for daily luncheon specials, special events planning, and a complete menu (Availability and pricing subject to change without notice.

Open 11:30 AM - 1 AM (the wee hours) Monday - Saturday
Noon - 1:00 AM Sunday


Sorry, but at this time we are unable to email or fax menus to customers

For ALL TAKE OUT ORDERS, custom orders, or special orders, please call the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a manager! Thank You

Tikiport Luncheon Specials

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Tikiport Takeout Menu

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(Current Aug. 2017)

*** Pricing and availability of items on our menu is subject to change without notice. ***
*** Please call ahead for current selections and prices. ***

Sample selections off our menu:

Appetizers - Served with plenty of duck sauce and hot chinese mustard

  • Tiki Platter
    A family-sized king's treat for appetizer lovers: Roasted pork tenderloin strips, spareribs (bone-in or boneless), egg rolls, fried shrimp, chicken wings, terriyaki beef, garnished with shrimp chips and a flaming center piece.

  • PuPu Platter
    A more modest version of the Tiki Platter, a true queen's treat for appetizer lovers: Roasted pork tenderloin strips, spareribs (bone-in or boneless), egg roll, fried shrimp, chicken wings, garnished with shrimp chips and a flaming center piece.

    Traditional a la carte favorites include:
  • Fried chicken wings
  • Roast pork tenderloin strips
  • Barbequed Spareribs (Bone-in or boneless)
  • Egg rolls
  • Vegetable rolls
  • Fried jumbo shrimps
  • Fried scallops
  • Fried wontons - Crispy thinly wrapped meat dumplings
  • Chicken fingers - Chicken meat in batter
  • Peking raviolis - Six to an order, meat dumplings
  • Teriyaki beef - Marinated beef on bamboo skewers
  • Teriyaki chicken - Marinated chicken meat on bamboo skewers
  • Spring rolls - Filled with chinese vegetables, seasoned minced pork and chinese black mushrooms
  • Crab rangoons - Crispy, thinly-wrapped crabmeat and cheese in a wonton noodle skin
  • Dim Sum offerings


  • Hot and sour soup - The most popular spicy soup from Northern China: Shredded meat, bean curd, and a variety of imported Chinese vegetables in a slightly thickened broth
  • Wonton soup - Your choice of chicken or roast pork
  • Egg Blossom soup w/mushrooms
  • Chinese vegetable soup

Polynesian Cuisine

  • Tiki Wor Bar - Slices of beef, shrimp, lobster, roast pork, and chicken meat cooked with selected Chinese greens in an exotic sauce, served in a sizzling platter
  • Treasure Island - Slices of beef, shrimp, roast pork strips, and golden chicken fingers superbly sauteed with island spices and selected vegetables and topped with crispy wontons
  • Hawaii Beef - Tender slices of marinated beef, expertly cooked with pineapple, mushrooms, peapods, water chestnuts, enriched with oyster sauce


  • Gai Poo Lo Mein - A combination of beef, rpast pork, ham, shrimps, crab meat, lobster meat, and chicken meat in batter, cooked with select Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce, nested on top of lo mein noodles. This is a real Chinese delicacy for two!
  • Marco Polo - Shrimp and beef in lobster sauce, nested on top of crispy pan-fried noodles
  • Eight Jewel Chow Mein - A combination of chicken meat, roast pork, shrimp and Chinese vegetables, straw mushrooms, nested on top of pan-fried noodles. A real Chinese dish for true connoisseurs!

Cantonese Cuisine

Chicken (Gai, pronounced as "Guy")

  • Hong Sue Gai - Tender chicken meat fried to a golden brown in egg batter, then sauteed with vegetables, water chestnuts, and mushrooms
  • Ho Yue Gai Poo - Chunks of tender chicken meat fried in a golden egg batter, slices of ham, and garnished with chinese vegetables, oyster sauce and crushed roasted almonds
  • Gai Ding - (Choice of Cashew or Almond) Fresh diced chicken meat with diced vegetables, mushrooms, peapods, and water chestnuts, topped with crispy nuts of choice

Beef (Gnow, pronounced "Gh-oww")

  • Hong Kong Steak - Broiled to your liking with thinly-sliced onions, and a special Chef's sauce
  • Steak Kew - Cubes of sirloin steak with chinese greens, mushrooms, in a special sauce

Pork (Yoke)

  • Char Sue Ding - Diced roasted pork and vegetables topped with choice of crispy almonds or cashews
  • Hong Sue Yoke - Tender pork battered and deep fried, then stir-fried with Chinese vegetables in a light brown sauce

Seafood (Hoisin)

  • Hong Sue Scallops - Deep fried Cape sea scallops, nestled on top of Chinese greens in a exotic brown sauce
  • Chow Scallop Kew or Chow Har Kew - Your choice of either with chinese greens, mushrooms, and water chestnuts in a light brown sauce

Traditional Chinese Cuisine

  • Egg Foo Yong - Wok-fried egg "patties" with your choice of meatless, pork, chicken, shrimp, subgum pork, mushroom pork, ham, Tiki Special (smaller amounts of of each)
  • Fried rice - Wok-fried rice with your choice of meatless, pork, chicken, shrimp, subgum pork, mushroom pork, ham, Tiki Special (smaller amounts of of each), beansprouts, or plain boiled white rice
  • Chow Mein - Crispy noodles are served with your choice, traditionally)
  • Chow Yoke - "Stir fried with meat", either beef or pork, with your choice of mushroms, sprouts, vegetables, black bean sauce, peppers, peppers and tomato, onions, broccoli, or asparagus
  • Vegetable dishes and bean curd
  • Chop Suey - Choices of meatless, pork, chicken, shrimp, subgum pork, mushroom pork, ham, Tiki Special (smaller amounts of of each) , Chicago style (dark, rich sauce)
  • Sweet and sour - Choices of pork, chicken, shrimp or wontons
  • Chicken - with choices of peapods, broccoli, mushrooms or asparagus, a swell as whole or half fried chicken
  • Seafood - Lobster sauce (Ground pork meat in dark sauce either with or without Lobster (seasonally available and priced); shrimps with a choice of beansprouts, green peppers, or mushrooms
  • Lo Mein - (Soft noodle dishes) - Choices of all vegetable, Tiki Special, roasted pork, beef, chicken or shrimp, or plain

Mandarin & Szechaun Cuisines

  • Moo shi style - The most popular dish from northern China, traditionally served with shredded meat (Chicken pork, beef, shrimp or meatless) stir-fried with eggs, sun-dried lily flowers, wood ears, and chinese vegetables, served with Mandarin pancakes. Each dish comes with four pancakes with additional pancakes available for an added cost
  • Gung Bo style ("Smooth" hot & spicey) - Diced meat (Chicken pork, beef, shrimp or beef and shrimp), green peppers, vegetables and roasted peanuts
  • Szechauan style (Also hot & spicey but sharper heat) - Similar to Gung Bo but additionally sauteed with celery, green and red pepper, carrots, water chestnuts and in a Szechaun brown bean sauce
  • Peking beef or chicken - Sauteed with straw mushrooms and scallions in a hot and spicey sauce
  • Hunan beef or chicken - Sauteed in a spicey garlic sauce with fresh broccoli
  • General Tso's Chicken - White chicken meat deep fried in a golden batter, cooked with hot and spicey ginger sauce and garnished with fresh broccoli
  • Schechaun Ma Po Dow Fu - Bean curd, pork, shrimp, pepers, green peas and bamboo shoots in a medley of flavors and spices

American Cuisine

Tiki Port also offers traditional American cuisine if you're just not in the mood for a Taste of the Orient. These include

  • Chicken - Broiled or breaded
  • Seafood - Fried scallops or shrimp with tartar sauce
  • Steaks - Beef sirloin, or ham steak

Condiments a la Carte

Whether you're eating in or taking out, Tiki Port always provides you with ample portions of duck sauce, hot mustard and fortune cookies. These items in larger quantities, as well as french fries, bread, brown gravy or Chinese tea can also be provided at an additional cost.

*** Due to changing availability, this is a sample selection of our menu offering. Please call us for a complete menu, pricing and avaiability. Thank you for your business!***




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