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Quality & Freshness

We take pride in being able to serve our customers with the freshest food delivered daily. Everything we serve is prepared on-site by skilled master chefs using only the highest quality ingredients. We care deeply about what we do, and strive to provide you with a great meal, every time and anytime, authentically prepared and presented.

Friendly Service..and now Delivery via Doordash

Our chefs and front staff are ready to help and serve, just ask for whatever your needs might be while dining with us and we’ll do everything within our power to accommodate.  We really believe that service comes with a smile, and work hard every day to provide you with a level of service that keeps you coming back for more! And new since 2019 we offer online ordering and delivery via Doordash.

Satisifaction Guarantee

Our job is never done until we’re sure your dining experience with us has been a good one, but if for some reason your meal was less than enjoyable please tell us about it. or call and ask to speak to the manager on duty at 508-771-5220. We never want any customer to walk away unhappy with their meal or service, and if warranted, we’ll do everything we can to resolve the matter.

What our users say

We grew up on the Cape, and have recently moved to South Carolina. We went to Tiki Port every Thursday night, its the best food around!!! And we can not find anything like it!!!  HELP!!  IS there any way to do a mail order of some kind? Please we are in need of some GOOD FOOD!!  Thanks so much!!!


Greetings from northwest Iowa. I see you every summer. Please say HI!!! to my son, Pat who I believe is in your bar watching the Patriots – Ravens on Monday Night Football! See you next summer!


Hey do you guys deliver or send your food through the mail, because I live out of state and I would love to get some egg rolls or fried rice, but can’t make it to Cape Cod. So do you guys deliver via the mail?


Please tell Andy, Johnny, and Fan that Sam from Syracuse might be coming to the Cape this Saturday night and if I do I will come to Tiki for a scorpion bowl. Thanks


I love your resturant it puts a tingle in my toes 🙂 My friend is going to have her birthday party there I think. I love your food, you have the best chinese food on Cape Cod and I’m not kidding your chicken [ fingers ] are my favorite. and your rice is out of this country! Thank you tikki port for making our town the best


I love the Tiki Port. I have lived on Cape cod all my life I am 27 years old. I do have an odd question. Your radio commercial has a part in it that no one understands “The taste of the ?? is Tiki Port” what is the ??.. everyone wants to know….thank you!


We were on vacation recently in Dennisport and heard the commercial for your restaurant. we cannot get the song out of our heads and wish to congratulate you on a truly memorable radio jingle. bravo!

Natasha & Steve

Since moving to Florida, I have been craving your food. No other Chinese restaurant, especially here in Florida, can compare to your food! I am aware you ship food over to the Islands. Is it possible you would ship over night to Florida? There are many Hyannis transplants in my area, more than 100, who would happily pay all costs for this service. I realize this is a long shot, but we all figured it was worth a try! Thank you

Mary Ann

Hello, Tiki Port! This is a fine establishment. Yum, yum, yum! Mmm, mmm, mmm!


My friend and I are planning a sleepover for Friday and we are going to Tiki Port. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! we both L.O.V.E chinese food and you have the best. I am going to buy punch so I can have a really cool FAT SUMO MAN CUP!!! YESS!!! Thanks a bunch for being so good at making chinese food and creating a great time for me and my friend!


Love your restaurant!!!! I could eat there all the time! Rubbing the budda has really brought me good luck! Thanks for inventing this restaurant!