Tiki Port is open

Hi everyone, the Tiki Port is open and not closing anytime soon.

The management at Tiki Port would like to thank and assure our many patrons and the public that we are open, and intend to remain open for the foreseeable future.

There have been many rumors swirling that we are imminently closing, however, there are no immediate plans. The restaurant property has been leased and owned by the Cape Cod Airport since we opened in 1977, and negotiations with them continue and are ongoing to remain open, as it relates to their continued renovations of the Airport Plaza complex.

What is also a fact is that the management at Tiki Port is changing. 

Andy Wong, our long-time bar manager and a co-owner, is stepping away from the business after many years of dedicated service, and thanks everyone for their show of support.

However, with Fan Mah continuing to manage daily operations, Tiki Port will continue to be open for business.