Tiki “House” Bacon Fried Rice and Dim Sum at Tiki Port

We’ve some great new specials, some on the menu and some aren’t on the menu yet as we let customers try them out.

The first is Tiki House Fried Rice, which already has a variety of different meats, shrimp, vegetables, scallions, but now you can get it with crispy bacon mixed in which is exactly like it sounds: Deeeeelicious!

We also have a few top dim sum dumplings available: Sui Kow (nicknamed: Water dogs), Shumai (pork & shrimp in a wonton skin), and Har Gao (ground shrimp in a glutinous rice wrapper).

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a special here on the Web site that isn’t yet on the menu. Request them by name, you won’t be disappointed!

Sui Kow (aka. “Water Dogs” dumplings)


Har Gao

Tiki “House” Bacon Fried Rice