007s Underway

No, it’s not the title of the next James Bond movie, but next time you order ask for them that way as double-oh-sevens and it’s unlikely your server will miss a beat because it’s the shorthand version of what we put on the order ticket and internally call this favorite appetizer.

The story goes that one of the restaurant’s founders was a huge Bond fan, in particular, the classic starring Sean Connery Goldfinger (1964) = hence the pun was born a.k.a. Golden Fingers. Just one of the ways to have some fun at work.

Never processed or pre-made from a distributor, always freshly homemade and perfectly cooked but not under or overcooked (the difference is literally a matter of seconds one way or the other), our batter is a proprietary recipe that manager Fan Mah has been perfecting the past several years and the chicken is always restaurant-quality premium white breast meat.

And as the late Andy Rooney used to say…now you know, the rest of the story.

6 sec Video of 007s cooking away

The finished product. Getting hungry yet?!