Lobster Cantonese Style

You may have been born on Cape Cod and raised on a steady diet of lobsters all your life, but you’ve never tried lobster like this before, our “steamed-or-baked-only” lobster loving friends.

Our chefs prepare Cantonese Hong Kong “dry-style” lobster the old-fashioned way: Cracked open and precisely chopped lobster quickly wok fried with fresh ginger, green scallions, and garlic takes the work out and gives you all the flavor of Chinatown right here on good old Cape Cod.

You can also have it prepared not dry but authentically with real lobster sauce of pork and fresh scallions in a dark satisfying sauce. Coupled with an ample helping of white rice and you’ll truly be in lobster chinese-style heaven. Just ask for it on request!

Try it! We promise you won’t be disappointed. 2lb lobsters starting as low as $28 (10/20/17).

Ask for our daily prices on twins, and lobsters up to 4lbs!