A note regarding our specials

Over the past several months we’ve been steadily posting pictures of “specials” we offer such as our Salt-n-Pepper Calamari, Lobster Cantonese, or Manager Fan Mah’s Special Chicken Noodle soup.

It should be noted that these “Hong Kong” style dishes and their prices, are not yet available on our menus but are available every day on request (ingredient availability permitting) whether you’re eating in or taking out, just ask your server or ask to speak to a manager for availability and pricing.

Most of these dishes are standard fare if you venture into Boston’s Chinatown, or any major metropolitan Chinatown (New York) will likely have them. You can thank manager Fan Mah’s creativity, and love of his homeland in Guangdong Province, China, for offering these dishes you can’t find anywhere else on Cape!