A smiling cast of characters

Why are these guys smiling?!? If you frequent us you probably know why (they’re all business but they try not to take life too seriously) and know these guys by first name (and they know you by name!). These are among the friendly faces that greet you coming in, who are always thinking of you when you’re in-house or giving us a take out order, and thanking you on you way out. Unsung Heroes who enjoy what they do and make it happen for you, our dear customers, from noon till the wee hours, every day of the year.

Andy Wong is our Bar Manager, who’s asking how you’re doing and has your favorite cocktail down before you’ve even settled in.

Fai Mah is the General Manager, and the remaining partner in the original 3-person partnership that started the business.

And last but not least Fan Mah, otherwise known as the “Hardest Working Man at Tiki Port” is the Dining Room and Kitchen Manager, when he’s not making repairs, taking orders, delivering, training new staff or doing the cooking and prep-work himself.

Little known fact: Both Andy and Fan are Fai’s nephews. Next time you’re in don’t be a stranger. We like to know who you are so feel free to introduce yourself, or tell us how we’re doing. We appreciate the feedback and your business!