Mark Davis Fulwider

The Round House, an Emperor’s summer retreat, a tranquil bridge…the shores of a distant Hawaiian beach behind the bar. If you’ve ever wondered about these they are the freehand-painted work of actual places in the tropics, and China, by California-based artist, Mark Davis Fulwider. The story goes that one day back in the late 1970s while building the restaurant, the late founder, Dong P. Wong, was wondering through the Cape Cod Mall and struck up a conversation with a then 17-year-old, Mark, who was making his way doing portraiture, landscapes, and whatever else he could to hone his craft. Sometimes Mark would be found just outside the old Fannie Farmer and Woolworths at one end, or the up the other by the old Papa Ginos and Sears Roebuck. Mark had never done anything at such scale, and Dong, impressed with what he saw in Mark’s work wanted to strike a tone and feel that fit with an appreciation of the Old Country, and his affinity for the leisure that images of tropical destinations invoke within people — without breaking the bank. He decided to offer the young man the job, and Mark jumped at the opportunity. Family of Mark’s who are still local say that Mark is doing well, working as a commissioned artist and also dabbles in creating and building custom furniture. Mark Davis Fulwider